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Content & Writing 

Hi! I'm Quinne.


I've worked as a Content Marketer and Freelance Writer for 7 years, crafting engaging, human-focused copy and content for organizations and companies in NYC and around the world.


My work includes SEO-friendly blog posts, event and sales copy, newsletter content, social media copy, and more.

Connecting individuals to organizations in engaging, empathetic, and easy-to-understand ways is my favorite thing.

Here are a few clips:

Group-at-Music-Sharing-Night-2019-copy-1 (1).jpeg

Eventbrite : D&I Initiatives

"When inclusivity is seamlessly woven into an event, more people feel included from the start."

This B2B article helps Eventbrite Creators host more inclusive events, with interview  of Creators already "doing the work."

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Eventbrite : Creator Spotlights

"Attending one $40 salary negotiation workshop has lead some participants to earn an extra $25,000 a year. That’s big money — money that makes a difference, both to the women participating, and the cultures they work in."

This interview-focused story is meant to spark inspiration and drive camaraderie within the Eventbrite customer base.

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Eventbrite : B2B Education

I analyzed Eventbrite's new "Venue Map" ticketing function, then wrote this easily-understood guide for Creators who wanted to start hosting socially-distant ticketed events. It's like taking a class, but a blog post.

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The Lingerie Addict : How To

"No matter how inexpensive your lace lingerie, washing and drying it in machines will shorten its lifespan. Washing lace by hand will help keep it looking great - even if the care label says otherwise."

This "Lingerie 101" post is a straightforward, SEO-friendly "how to" on cleaning the most common types of lingerie fabrics.

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"Self-care is more than just hot baths, skincare, and candlelit meditation. This is extra true when our lives are turned upside down and we’re staying inside for the good of society. (What a wild sentence to type… insert mind-blown emoji here.)"

Written at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this piece connected Flare with their college-aged customers in an empathetic way.

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Flare : Gen Z Lifestyle

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